Tough Love – making decisions in the face of Covid-19

Tough Love – making decisions in the face of Covid-19

My kids are devastated… their social lives are suddenly in lockdown… no sport, no music lessons, no school, and we have just made the call to keep them in and not let them venture out into our amazing cul-de-sac – a place of play, fun, friends, and socialising … & its like dangling chocolate in front of their faces and not letting them eat it!

Miss 8 coming to terms with our reality…

We have had Master 12 hauled up in his room and “humphing” about all morning asking me for screen time, and tears from Miss 9 as she tries to understand why she cant play anymore… up until now it has been almost like that dream you have and when you wake up what you recall was so vivid you cannot work out if it was real or not… I mean, we ( a 2 teacher and 2 student family across 4 different schools) have still been at school, “business as usual” ( well almost – we were given 2 days to be ready for online learning – but that is for another time – you do what you have to) so up until now the impact of the cessation of our after school activities has almost been a breath of relief to our busy schedule. So, to them…our kids… the reality of Covid-19 has literally just hit home.

All of the warnings, and precautions have essentially been thrown at us in a way that in our reality, seem almost impossible to take seriously due the hypocrisy of their implementation. I do however, see the need for a gradual approach, I mean look at what happened with the toilet paper as soon as there was talk of any closures, but it has made a difficult situation more taxing. It seems that so many of us are so scared of going without or of change that our emotional reactions are driving our responses… and let’s be honest, while we are all “feeling it”, now is the time to be measured and logical. The fact is that things will never be the same again (even if toilet ever makes its way back on to the shelves!)… this is life changing… but it’s how we cope and deal with this situation that is our defining moment. So it’s time to stop, decide what it is that is most important to you, and control what you can control and let go of what you cannot… the change is here, it’s what we do NOW that counts.

Now let me say, I am OK with making this call, my husband and I are still employed, we have a roof over our heads and we are relatively on top of our financial situation – for now… I totally appreciate that not everyone is in this same situation…but the reality of this is that none of us are in the same situation. We live our OWN reality. Comparison is wasted at this time ( and most of the time to be honest), no-one else is where you are at this time in this moment. So how are you going to respond?

The one thing that is the true leveler is time… we all have the same number of hours in every day, no matter where you live, or how you live, it will never change, speed up or slow down. So with this in mind I encourage you to take a look at what we have just been dealt, whether you believe its mother nature, God, the universe taking a stand and asking us to wake up and see the result of our actions, or if you think its a more sinister coercion of human nature, we have all been suddenly gifted a slap in the face … & yes I meant to say gifted.

How often have you: wished you didn’t have to go to work; needed a break but powered on anyway; wanted more snuggles from your kids; wanted to try something new; tried to reduce your spending; intended on working-out at home but opted out; thought about making that recipe your grandma used to make but nipped out to the shops and got a quick fix; were going to mend those clothes but bought something new instead; thought about working from home; wanted to learn new technology but just gave up; felt like you needed to call your family / friend but didn’t get around to it; felt like you should lend a hand but stepped back no knowing if it would be appreciated; wished you had more time with your kids because they a growing so fast; wished you had made time for that important conversation and let someone know how you really feel…

Now, we are at a time where, while driven by the absolute need to secure the health and safety of the majority, we sadly we cannot assure it for everybody, & life has thrown time in our faces… we need to understand the importance of this. We don’t have time to NOT do what is necessary… so let make good use of this time. Stay home, and do all of the things that you have been wanting, needing, & thinking of… do what is necessary. Be with those people who matter the most, it is necessary, they need you now more than ever. Now is the time to put the health of your family, your community and yourself first and not worry about the cost, because without your health & the health of those you care about is necessary to help us all get through this. Here is how …

  • practice social distancing, even when it means making the hard decisions with family and friends
  • Air out your home, or try a good quality air filter, keep it clean using non-toxic options where possible ( toxicity lowers immunity) and ensure personal hygiene is top priority
  • eat more fresh foods , reduce sugar and processed foods & get it home delivered from your local supplier’s where possible, and plan your meals so you can cook and eat together
  • Move your body daily, workout at home, it boosts your immune system and your mood and relieves stress (a must given we will be all supporting our kids learning form home! heheh)
  • Use appropriate and High quality supplements – Vitamin D and C, Magnesium, antioxidants, medicinal mushrooms,L-Lysine, Zinc and adaptogenic herbs are all worth investigating and investing in to boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and keep your health on track
  • develop a routine that works for your family, blend learning to include online, and real-life lessons, time block your day and use each day to your advantage ( Click here for some tips on how to do this with your kids)
  • Create challenges for yourself and your family, have fun with it and be willing to try new things (Click here for some ideas)
  • don’t isolate yourself, use technology for real-time interactions (investigate video messenger chats, face-time and zoom meetings), and to reach out when you need a hand, just knowing someone is there for you (even if on screen) can make all the difference
  • be respectful open and honest with how you are feeling and encourage others to do the same, don’t waste valuable time holding it in or hiding it.

This time that we have now is something we will never get again. I believe that our reality is has changed and I intend on making it for the better. I am determined NOT to ignore this gift in time, and while it is difficult, it is also an opportunity so I intend on making the most of it. I am going to have that campfire in the back yard that the kids have always wanted, I am going to learn something new, I am going to be creative and workout at home with my family, I am going to reach out to those who I haven’t for too long, I am going to get crafty, I am going to play lego and those family board games (even if it causes a fight), I am

Tough love is necessary. Short term sacrifice for long term benefit is necessary. So, how will you respond? What will you choose?

We will keep on moving and making the most of our time.

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