My Mission:

  In over 21 years in the Health, Fitness and Education industries I have never felt more compelled to help people make a difference in the quality of the modern life we live. The state of Health and Wellness for our youth and our adult population is in desperate need of early intervention to shift the state of flux toward prevention rather than cure…

 Consider some of the facts:

  • ⅓ of Australia youth are Obese and another ⅓ are overweight, Adults have increased obesity rates by 19% since 1995 and currently, 65% of adults are overweight costing more than $2 billion annually

  • 1 in 7 young Australians aged 4-17 experience some form of mental illness, and 45.5% of all Australians will experience some form of mental illness

  • On average, each day in Australia 380 people are diagnosed with cancer, 170 people have a heart attack, 100 people have a stroke, and 280 people develop diabetes.

  • Suicide is the biggest killer of young Australians and accounts for the deaths of more young people than car accidents 

  • Mental illness is the biggest cause of workplace absence and long term incapacity leading to poor morale and organisational performance

  • 41-55% of year 8 students feel significant negative pressure relating to schoolwork, and in adults, ⅓ of adults report feeling workplace stress & 65- 75% of adults report stress impacting on their mental & physical health


The opportunity exists within the realm of PDHPE and welfare programs to engage in resources like Project NuYou. It will help teach the skills and develop the values in these students that can lead to an improvement in long term health and wellbeing. The program can also be used and adapted to engage parents and staff in the program to assist in this process.

There is a huge purpose in developing links between home and school, with significant parental engagement equalling up to two or more years of additional education.  Engagement of parents is vital so that what we teach in an educational setting is something that can be role-modeled and applied at home. Educators have known for years the benefits of the Home-School relationship and this program is designed for both parents and students alike to help build stronger capacity for reaching one’s potential


The Core Practice …. Unpacked….

  • N – Nourish your body inside and out

  • U – Unleash – daily activities to unlock energy and tension

  • Y – Your day a better way – Use time effectively & learn how to prioritize your time so you can win every day

  • O – Open mind – mindfulness strategies you can use to centre yourself, find your purpose and recover or uncover your purpose

  • U – Uncover your best self- Daily practices to help you realise the benefits of living with gratitude 


The Program and Resources

The core practice is our focus for each short lesson in the resource. You get:

  • Australian PDHPE curriculum mapping
  • online access
  • 50 lessons fully prepared ready to go NOW
  • a student workbook
  • video guided lessons
  • teacher presentations

Each session builds on the last and is designed to work independently or in unison with the others for FULL flexibility in delivery.


Click here for a program overview.


N – Nourish…..

To Nourish we must provide our bodies with the food or the skills and knowledge which is necessary for growth, repair,  health, and good condition and to enable us to keep a feeling or belief in our minds, typically for a long time that feeds passion, ambition, purpose and wellbeing.

 This project aims to….

  • Provide you with valuable knowledge as to what, when, how and why you should fuel your mind and body

  • Make recommendations for good quality healthy choices regarding diet and support for your body

  • Provide examples of how you can create an incredibly healthy meal and snack options & time efficient nourishment for busy people.

  • Show you how to feed your emotional and physical states in a way that is balanced and healthy

    • Strategy – 

      • Teach you about the human body and how to nourish it so it will perform at its best

      • Teach the value of sleep and recovery

      • Demonstrate good practice for snack/meal choices


U – Unleash….Unleash – learning to empower yourself using movement, physical activity and changing your physical state to improve energy, focus, attention, relationships, teamwork and emotional wellbeing

This project aims to….

  • Show you use your body to your advantage and enable you to achieve positive energy and mindset

  • Improve your physical state to impact positively on your mental and emotional wellbeing

  • Un-tap your potential through changing your physical state  & guide you to a state of physical, mental and emotional balance


    •  Demonstrate  and learn how your physiology can impact your state of mind

    • 10 in 10 – 10 movements in 10 Minutes designed to change the flow of energy throughout your body and to uplift and empower you physically and mentally

    • Tap into the joy of movement through experience


 Y – Your day a better way ….Your day can happen a better way if you channel your energy positively into your day &  treat yourself and your goals like they are just as important to life as oxygen. Learn to prioritise and achieve small wins daily, and to learn to turn your experiences into productive efficient and empowering outcomes. 

This project aims to…..

  • Guide you through your practice for goal setting to ensure success is measurable

  • Help you time block your day to allow YOU  and YOUR goals to feature

  • Help you prioritise the thoughts, and actions that you build into every day to help you find success

    Strategy – 

    • Teach you the skills of Effective Goal setting, Dream Building, and Big Life Picture

    • Daily Method of Operation ( DMO)

    • Personal Empowerment through recognition of small wins daily

    • Be a Weeble – bounce back from a disappointment


O – Open Mind….

Open your mind to Mindfulness which is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique & is emerging as an essential skill for living in today’s fast-paced ultra-connected world.


This project aims to….

  • Recognise the value of Individuality and be aware of your energy and power

  • Equip you with some tools to help you balance your state of calm 

  • Show you how the practice of mindfulness can help you to realise the “Bigger Picture”


    • Be your own Superhero – acknowledge your individuality, your power and your strength and use it for good.

    • Teach you the skills needed to change your physiological state to impact your mental/ emotional state to be in control of your superpowers

    • Practice visualisation and relaxation techniques to find focus and manage distraction to recharge your inner Superhero

U – Uncover your best self….

Uncovering your best self requires the understanding and application of a growth mindset, the quality of being thankful, & is a readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. It is the key to happiness that we all possess,  we just need to take the time to practice it.

This project aims to…

  • Equip you with 3 questions you can ask yourself daily to help you find appreciation for the events of the day and recognise your small wins

  • Show you how to bring gratitude and appreciation into your day, every day.

  • Give you some Bigger Picture actions to practice so that you can recognise how your small wins contribute to your Big Life Picture


    • Learn the benefits of a growth mindset and living a grateful life

    • Learn the BIG 3 and how to apply them to create your best self

    • Develop and apply the skills of appreciation and recognition.

    • Develop citizenship, a sense of community and learn how to fill your cup by focusing on the joy of filling that of others first


School- Home Partnership: Project Nu You is not just about assisting the school in teaching our kids and giving them the skills and information they need to live their best life, it’s also about developing a partnership with the home and the community to help ensure that these skills and information are not lost. 

Online support:

Project Nu You has a social media platform, website and blog that provides regular information and support to parents and caregivers focused on the skills and information presented in the program. There is also an online community where parents can interact, ask questions and learn how to help themselves and their children implement and practice the knowledge and skills learned throughout the program.


Workshops and information sessions:

Opportunity for parents and children to learn together is so important and at Project Nu You, I am focused on providing those opportunities in and out of the school environment.  The opportunity for schools to offer Nu You workshops for both parents and students to come together and build on the projects content and skills base. 


Newsletter articles:

A series of newsletter articles that can be included in weekly newsletters is available for schools. The newsletters inform, educate and reflect on the core practices of the Nu You resources. They are designed to enhance learning and understanding by creating a school home link, generating discussion and practice of skills and knowledge at home.


Staff Wellbeing workshops:

When the staff are feeling their best they will be able to give their students their best. The option to hold staff wellbeing workshops where they too can learn and implement the core practice of Project Nu You is one that will not only benefit the Staff but the students as well. These workshops can be adapted to suit the timeframes desired. Click here for an overview


I am open to discussing these options further with you to tailor them to suit the needs of your school community. 


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