my big picture…

So this is me… Kel…

Who am I? Well its taken 42 years of life on this planet to try and work it out, and so far this is what I have discovered…

I am… ME… are you blown away yet? Hmmm, I thought so… inspired right…!

So the fact of the matter is, ME is all I can be. What is most important about ME is how I choose to let ME loose on the world, on the people I love, on the life I live and on who and what I encounter along the way.

So the real truth is I am a small town country girl who had salt water running through her veins, so it did not take me long to realise that I needed to get out of town! Why? Because I was NOT going to spend my life as a farmers wife, and where I came from, there were not too many other choices. The idea of that life for me was like walking into the Casino and playing Roulette, only being able to choose Red or Black, and potentially gambling my life away in a game with much more at stake than what I had laid out on the table. Despite the odd win, that kind of life had already put me into a debt that I needed to get out of.

I was lucky that my parents encouraged my love of sport and it took me to places over the levee bank ( more on the levee bank another time) where I was able to see that there was more to life than spending my life trying to fit into a life that just didn’t fit. Imagine trying to squeeze into that ill-fitting pair of skinny jeans every day, or walking around all day in RM Williams boots that just don’t fit, that what it was like for me, so when I tried on a pair of Asics and Lorna Jane tights I knew there was more to life than trying to fit in.

So, when life took me East to the beach I found a sense of freedom in the sand and salt air. Freedom from all that I thought was holding me back, I found my direction. What was I going to do, who was I going to be and how would I impact on the world? I may have lacked purpose, but I figured I would just keep growing the list of things I could do and it would pull towards something that would work for me

So for the next 12years or so, I studied and earned myself a Bachelor of Human Movement Science majoring in exercise physiology and a graduate diploma of Education, continued to play all manner of sports, learned to surf, pursued my love of helping others in the Health and fitness industry, forged my way into a career in education, grew my sports management & coaching career, found my husband got married and started a family (not without a few bumps along the way of course) & continued towards what I hoped was a purposeful life. What I uncovered over that time was that there was more to it than just escaping and starting new, I still had my thoughts, my emotions, my body and my insecurities with me….

My amazing family

You would think that being a Libran I would have everything finely tuned and in balance, so it’s interesting that one of the biggest life lessons I have learned is the one themed with imbalance. It was during my pregnancy with my second child, my beautiful strong-willed, caring and creative daughter, that all those insecurities manifested… it was the beginning of a roller coaster experience for me and my family. I was too busy to slow down, I had a career in education, two young active kids, I was still playing representative sport, I had taken on a role in welfare at the school I worked at, and I was on the go! So, it took a huge slap in the face, a back injury that required surgery that would see me realise that I must place more value on my own health and wellbeing, and stop relying on my physical self to manage the social, emotional and spiritual turmoils bubbling away within.

And so, began my path of learning to see the bigger picture of health and wellness and in finding my true purpose in this life. This Blog is my way of sharing with you my experiences, knowledge and life lessons, and how I have been able to regain the balance. Pooling together over 20 years in education, 25 years in the health, fitness and coaching industry, and a long list of life events that have taught me so much more than my education ever did I found my purpose and my hope. To help others be the best version of themselves and to live their best life.

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