What is it all about?

Health and Wellness coaching and consulting with a difference:

Helping individuals, families and groups become the healthiest version of themselves inside & out using daily core practices that support you now and into the future:

The Core Practice …. Unpacked….

  • N – Nourish your mind body and soul
  • U – Unleash – daily activities to unlock energy and tension
  • Y – Your day a better way – Use time effectively & learn how to prioritize your time so you can win every day
  • O – Open mind – open you mind to the benefits of a growth mindset, mindfulness strategies you can use to centre yourself, find your purpose and recover or uncover your best self
  • U – Uncover your best self- Daily practices to help you realise the benefits of living with positivity and gratitude

Our Programs:

Project Nu You offers programs for:

Individuals – personal and holistic health evaluation, successful goal setting and accountability, nutrition advice, mindful practice in movement and nutrition, return to play / fitness post injury, Gym FREE workout options, stress and time management strategies, botanical health and wellness options and programs. You choose your Day 1 and we can help you stay on track. Why wait to change your life?

Families – strategies to help your family move well, eat well, relate well and be healthier together. Ever wished your family could spend more time together in health and wellness? Learn strategies that will improve your family nutrition, physical activity levels, flexibility, focus, stress management, communication and have fun while doing it.

Groups – group and team centered health and wellness practices including physical activity planning and fitness training, nutritional planning and support, and social mindfulness to get you to your goals faster. Got an event coming up or a season to prepare for? Get in touch and find out how we can help.

Schools – fast and effective strategies and activities to implement in classrooms, staff rooms, & the wider school community to improve health and wellness, resilience, and mindfulness. Staff wellbeing sessions, parent and community workshops, healthy school holiday options all tailored and focused on the needs of the school. Tailored year group focus days or presentations focused on our core practice using the power of stories and life lessons and implementing a practical experienced based approach. We focus on building skills and knowledge that creates, enhances and grows the home- school connection. In person and online support to help build a healthier school community.

How can we help you?

  • Health and wellbeing workshops and presentations
  • Experienced and qualified Health and Wellness advice
  • Nutritional advice and strategies
  • Exercise programs and advice
  • GYM FREE workout options
  • Stress & time management strategies
  • Goals setting, mindfulness, resilience and accountability practices
  • Sleep and relaxation support
  • Inflammation management, joint and bone health
  • Hormonal balance solutions
  • Skin and Immune health strategies and solutions
  • in person and online help!
  • and more…

Contact us for more details:


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