Can you really holiday in good health?…

Sitting on the return flight home from our second trip to Bali, with my 12 year old “Why me?” Flu ridden son sitting next to my “thank goodness I got over it quickly but just had to share” 8 year old daughter, and listening to the chorus of coughing & nose blowing singing out from… Read More

Are you Reacting or Responding…..?

Have you ever had one of those moments where you have done, sent or said something that you wish you could take back….where you drank too much and wish you hadn’t, where you ate something you wish you hadn’t, where you tried something that you wish you hadn’t…. Well Hell,who hasn’t! I have had one… Read More

That “S” word…. Lets talk about it…

Its become a part of everyday life… its not taboo… even my kids talk about it… they are exposed to it more often than they need to be… its on the agenda whether we like it or not… so lets just get down to it. Oh wait… what? You thought I was talking about something… Read More

What’s the point…? Can I really get my family to eat what they need?

What’s for breakfast …lunch … dinner? That’s the question that seems to be constantly on the tips of my kids tongues, and in the back of my mind… Unfortunately the answer isn’t quite as easy to spit out… I mean I have usually got some idea, but the internal debate of “Do I cook what… Read More

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Yep! I am hearing you loud and clear! And so are a vast majority of people I talk to. Modern life is literally fast paced and just wanting to slow down, racing the clock and needing more time, keeping up with the Joneses and being swamped by comparison, deadlines and just making ends meet, fine… Read More

The moral to the story…Is it time to change yours?

Is it just me or do other parents cringe when their kids come you with the words ,” Mum, I need you to help me with my homework…” Now I am an exercise physiologist, Health coach and consultant, Sports coach and trainer, Business owner, and PDHPE teacher, a mum of two kids and have at… Read More